Syllabus Policies Up for Grabs

Wow. I knew I was likely going to take a break from posts once the semester ended, but I did not intend for that break to be a month and a half long! Have you missed me? I hope so! I’m still processing how ungrading went this past semester and I’ll return to those postsContinue reading “Syllabus Policies Up for Grabs”

Ungrading and Anti-Carcerality?

Every now and then, the confluence of events happening in my life seem to be working very hard to tell me I’m missing something. On Friday, I finished re-reading the chapter/articles for my graduate Theories of Criminal Behavior class for Monday, which will cover critical theories such as peacemaking, restorative justice, and abolition. Coming upContinue reading “Ungrading and Anti-Carcerality?”

Solidarity and Sadness

(An early post for the week as I have some things to say. I will return to the regular schedule next Sunday.) Tuesday night was going so well. I don’t know many other Asians in academia. I really only know a handful directly in my field. Asians and Asian Americans are growing within criminology/criminal justice,Continue reading “Solidarity and Sadness”