SLOs…Who are They For?

Earlier this week, David Buck asked an important question about SLOs on Twitter: I retweeted this question and responded with some thoughts of my own (see below). Here, I want to use my initial response as a jumping off point for more thoughts on SLOs. As I said in my initial thread, thinking about SLOsContinue reading “SLOs…Who are They For?”

Ungrading and Anti-Carcerality?

Every now and then, the confluence of events happening in my life seem to be working very hard to tell me I’m missing something. On Friday, I finished re-reading the chapter/articles for my graduate Theories of Criminal Behavior class for Monday, which will cover critical theories such as peacemaking, restorative justice, and abolition. Coming upContinue reading “Ungrading and Anti-Carcerality?”

Progress Letters Attempt #1

As we’ve hit the middle of the Winter semester, we’ve also arrived at the first progress letters I asked my students to complete. As I mentioned in my last post, the midterm self-reflection was one of the assignments I added in the ungrading process. I was, admittedly, a bit skeptical as to how this wouldContinue reading “Progress Letters Attempt #1”

Going on an Adventure

A few weeks ago, I asked my twitter folks if a blog about my journey with ungrading from a newbie perspective would be helpful or an exercise in vanity. Enough people responded that it would be helpful so, here we are! Welcome! In these pages, I’ll trace my process, my various attempts with assessments andContinue reading “Going on an Adventure”